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Code of Conduct for the Teachers


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Institution mandated by law and by the community, it serves to provide an educational environment that demonstrates professionalism and academic currency, values, diversity, and respects the processes and traditions of learning. This code of conduct is designed to provide an explicit definition of the minimal standards of professional conduct expected of all faculties. It represents, for the College, a benchmark of expectations about faculty conduct and defines the boundaries within which a rewarding and mutually supportive learning environment can be created. For the purposes of this document, the terms “academic employees” and “faculty” are used interchangeably to refer to full-time faculty-members, governmentapproved part-time, and Guest Lecturers, and Librarian.
  1. Every faculty member should work within the institutional policies and practices so as to satisfy the vision and mission of the college.
  2. Code of Conduct for teaching is mainly governed as per UGC guidelines.
  3. All faculty members should prepare a lesson/teaching plan, well in advance before commencement of the classes.
  4. During the period of service, all members of the teaching staff shall employ themselves honestly and efficiently under leadership of the Head of the Institution.
  5. No member of the staff shall engage in any political activity within the college campus.
  6. All members of the teaching staff must be punctual for classes and should adhere to the timings scheduled for other activities and events.
  7. All members of staff, both teaching and non-teaching must sign regularly in the attendance register/mark biometric attendance which is to be maintained by the Head of the Institution.
  8. The duties assigned to teachers consist of lectures / practical / tutorials in the allocated workload of the individual teacher. In addition, they have to undertake responsibilities of conducting evaluation and invigilation, administrative work, providing counsel to students and participating in extra-curricular activities and institutional support activities as required.
  9. The working hours of the teaching staff shall be according to the prescribed time table and any other additional duty assigned to them.
  10. Mentor-Ward system must be followed by every teacher and the teachers should take proper care of their group of students by guiding, motivating, counselling and monitoring them.
  11. Every faculty member shall deal impartially with students regardless of their religion, caste, economic, social and physical identity.
  12. No faculty shall act in any manner that violates the decorum or morality within the campus.
  13. Refrain from undertaking any other employment and commitment including private tuitions and coaching classes which are likely to interfere with their professional responsibilities.
  14. Take leave as per rules with prior intimation, keeping in view their particular responsibility for completion of academic schedule.
  15. Seek to make more professional growth continuous through study and research.
  16. Express free and frank opinion by participation in professional meetings, seminars, conferences etc. towards the contribution of knowledge.
  17. Respect the right and dignity of the student in expressing his/her opinion.
  18. Deal justly and impartially with students regardless of their religion, caste, political, economic, social and physical characteristics.
  19. Encourage students, scientific outlook and respect for physical labor and ideals of democracy, patriotism and peace.
  20. Refrain from inciting students against other students, colleagues or administration.
  21. All Staff members must refrain from any form of unlawful discrimination relating to gender/sexuality/age/marital status in their behavior towards their colleagues, teaching staff and students.
  22. All members of the staff shall refrain from verbal, non-verbal and/or physical misconduct of a sexual nature in their interactions with students, other college staff, and visitors at the college. The college has a zero tolerance policy towards sexual harassment.

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