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Code of Conduct for the Students


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This preamble indicates the standard procedures and practices of all the enrolled students of this Institute for pursuing varied courses. All students must know that it is incumbent upon them to abide by this Code of Ethics and Conduct (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Code’) and the rights, responsibilities including the restrictions flowing from it.

That the Institute’s Endeavour by means of enforcing this Code is to pioneer and administer a student discipline process that is egalitarian, conscientious, effectual and expeditious; and providing a system which promotes student growth through individual and collective responsibility. All Students are requested to be well conversant with this Code, which can be also reviewed on the official website of the Institute.
  1. Students are expected to adhere to the timetable for attending lectures/tutorials/practicals and other extra-curricular activities.
  2. The University rules require a student to have minimum of 75% attendance in lectures/tutorials/practical, failing to which the students will not be permitted for the University Examination.
  3. The University rules require a student to appear for mid semester/internal examination failing to which the students will not be given mid-semester points and would not will be permitted to sit for the External/University Examination.
  4. All Sports students playing at any levels (State/National/International) must have required attendance as per University rules.
  5. Students getting admission under Sports Quota will not be granted exemption in attendance except under special circumstances.
  6. Students attendance in the following College Functions is mandatory: Foundation Day Celebrations, NSS Day for NSS Students, the Annual Functions and other college events.
  7. Students are expected to obtain clearance from College before the University Examination on the basis of their fees paid, attendance record and their participation in the college events.
  8. Students not attending classes for than two consecutive weeks must inform the Principal/Head/Coordinators/Teacher in writing or else their names shall be off the rolls of the college.
  9. Application for leave is to be made in advance and submitted to the Principal/Head/Coordinator. In case of illness application for leave along with a medical certificate (Issued by a Registered Medical Practioner) should be submitted within “one week” of re-joining the college.
  10. Students must come in their Uniform and must carry their Identity Card inside the campus.
  11. Students must help to keep campus neat and clean.
  12. Mobile Phones during lectures can be used only if allowed by the teacher. Any violation of this will lead disciplinary action.
  13. Students are expected to read Notices/Circulars displayed on Notice Boards/Website of the college on regular basis.
  14. Spitting, Smoking and throwing bits of paper in the premises should be avoided.
  15. Students should not misuse or make unauthorized use of the college premises or items of property in the campus.
  16. Students should not indulge in any kind of ragging or activities leading to harassment of any kind towards fellow students.

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