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Annada College's Mission

  To offer Graduate, Post-graduate, Doctoral and other value-added programmes beneficial for the students.

   To provide opportunity to the students and bring out their inherent talent.

   To motivate the students to pursue higher education, appear for competitive exams, and other value added programs for their holistic development.

   Teaching and Research with focus on emerging technologies, business process and High-Tech Solutions in Low-Tech environment.

   Integrating Technologies and Management in cross-cultural environments.

   Shaping Students Innovative, Entrepreneurial, Supportive, Assured and International.

   To become an academic college of excellence in Higher Education.

   To contribute to the creation of knowledge and to search for the meaning of life.

   To provide education that qualifies as international class for our students.

   To be a bridge between the rural-urban divide, taking the benefits of education to the poor and the marginalized, aiming at their empowerment.

   To ensure access to and equity in higher educational opportunity to all deserving and meritorious students with a preferential option for the poor and marginalized, irrespective of caste and creed.

   To promote academic exchange and academia-industry interfacing, taking advantage of the latest technology.

   To develop application-oriented courses, with the necessary inputs of values, with a view to produce all-round development of persons.

   To form young men and women of competence, commitment, conscience and compassion.

   To provide Faculty and Staff with the required qualification and competence and to provide opportunity to upgrade their knowledge and skills.

   To offer Continuing education, and Non-formal vocational education programs that are beneficial to the society.

   We focus on -

  • (i) Access to Knowledge
  • (ii) Knowledge-concepts
  • (iii) Knowledge-creation
  • (iv) Knowledge-application
  • (v) Development of better knowledge services.
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