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Faculty of Commerce Contacts


Annada College
Subhash Kumar
Name- Dr. Subhas Kumar
Qualification- MBA, M.Com,Ph.D
Designation- H.O.D
Mobile No.- 9431336344
Viswa Ranjan
Name- Dr. Viswa Ranjan
Qualification- M.Com,Ph.D, LLB
Designation- Asst. Professor
Mobile No.- 9431530883
S. N. Pathak
Name- S. N. Pathak
Qualification- M.Com
Designation- Asst. Professor
Mobile No.- 9430346862
Anjan Choudhary
Name- Dr. Anjan Choudhary
Qualification- M.Com, Ph.D
Mobile No.- 9431171544
Nilmani Mukherjee
Name- Dr. Nilmani Mukherjee
Qualification- M.Com, Ph.D
Designation- Asst. Professor
Mobile No.- 9470508281

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