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About the Dept. of BCA


Bachelor of Computer Application is 3 years degree course in Annada College started in the year 2008 with 40 students and a team of well qualified professors. It has 2 well organized AC Labs with 80 Computers. Annada College provides wi-fi facility.

It is a new age degree course in the field of computer applications. It is a course that is customized for students who wishing to shine in the field of computers and information technology. The course provides sound practical skills addressing problems which arise from computer system and applications.

Most of the students doing their higher secondary education think that only Science students can apply for this course. But, this is not true, even Arts & Commerce students can apply for this course without hesitation. The only eligibility criteria is that the students should have studied Mathematics as a subject in their 10+2 level.

BCA graduates can start their career in either Govt. sector or Private sector. Since, these are a lot of employment opportunities in both these sectors. So, students who are interested in Computer related fields, then BCA is the perfect choice.

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The total no. of seats in BCA is 50 (fifty) out of which 05 (five) seats are reserved for NRI students. Reservation of seats for SC/ST/OBC will be followed as per the rules and regulations of Vinoba Bhave University Hazaribag.

1. Rs. 30,000/- (Thirty Thousand) only per annum (Excluding Examinations and registration fees)

2. US $ 1,000/- (One Thousand) only

The Bachelor of Computer Applications programme has been divided into three parts of one year duration each:

1. Computer Fundamentals and Introduction to IBM PC
2. Structured Programming in C
3. Operating System
4. Computer Graphics and SAD
Subsidiary Subjects: Physics/Economics, Mathematics and MIL

1. Data Base Management System with Oracle
2. OOPS using C++
3. Multimedia
4. Unix
5. On the Job Training (Four Weeks)
Subsidiary Subjects: Physics/Economics, Mathematics and MIL

1. AUTO CAD and VB
2. Advanced Topics in Computer
3. Project Report and Report on the job training I & II
4. Entrepreneurship Development
Compulsory Subject: Environmental Studies

Eligibility for admission to Degree I in Bachelor of Computer Applications is I.A./I.Sc./I.Com. Plus two with Mathematics as one of the papers and having a minimum of 45% marks in aggregate.

The admission will be made entirely on the basis of the performance of the candidate at the entrance test followed by interview to be conducted by the college. Entrance will be of 90 minutes duration and will comprise of multiple choice/objective type questions in the following sections:

Section I:      90 Marks
For Science Students- Physics and Mathematics.

Section II:
For Arts/Com. Students- Mathematics and Current Affairs.

N.B.- Negative marking : Half of the total marks of each question will be deducted for each wrong answer.

I) Physics: (40 marks) for Students passing I.Sc./+2 Sc.

A. First Law of thermodynamic; Cannot's engine; work done in isothermal and adiabatic expansion; Thermometry & Calorimetry; Conduction & Radiation.
B. Progressive and stationary waves; Beats, Interference of sound; Velocity of sound; Newton's Formula and Laplace's correction, Effect of temperature, pressure and humidity on velocity of sound, Transverse vibration of string, organ pipes, Ultrasonic-Characteristics of sound.
C. Reflection and refraction of light; Refraction through spherical surfaces and lenses; Combination of lenses; Dispersion of light; Spectra. Optical Instruments - Microscopes and Telescopes, Defects of vision, Interference, Diffraction and polarisation of light.
D. Electric and Magnetic dipoles. Gauss's theorem, Condensers, Magnetic Induction, Dia-Para and Ferromagnetism.’
E. Korchoffs Law, Potentiometer, Heating effect of current, Self and Mutual induction, Alternating current, Transformer & Dynamo.
F. Mass-Energy equivalenc, Diode-valve semiconductor, p-n junction, Rectification, Logic gates, Colour codes of resistance-photoelectricity.

II) Mathematics (50 marks) for students of all streams I. A. 11. Com. 11. Sc. and +2Alqebra

AP, GP, HP, Theory of quadratic equations. permutation and combination, Binomial Theorem.
Trigonometry General values of trigonometrical functions, Inverse, Circular functions, Logarithims.
Calculus Limits of function. Differentiation of a function, dy/dx as a rate measurer Integration by the method of substitution, method transformation and method of integration by parts. Definite integration.
Co-ordinate Geometry Equations of Straight lines.
Matrices Addition, subtraction and multiplication of matrices.
Vector Analysis Addition of vectors, product of two vectors, Statics-Resultant of two forces at a point inclined at an angle, triangle law of forces, converse of triangle, enforces Lamis theorem, Dynamics Projectiles.

lll) Current Affairs

General Science & General Studies of Matric level of 40 marks) for students passing I.A./I.Com.

The Department of Computer Applications provides a unique blend of theoretical and applied education. It conducts Workshops for applied understanding of software and hardware.

1) Jobs in Govt. Sector (Banks, SSC, etc)
2) Jobs in Private Sector
3) Create your Own Software Companies
4) Master Degree courses- MCA, M.Sc. IT, MEB, PGDCA, M.Sc. CS, M.Sc. IS.

1) Banks
2) Government Agencies
3) Computer & related Electronic Equipment manufacturers
4) Desktop Publishing
5) Technical Support
6) System Maintenance
7) Insurance Providers
8) Schools & Collegees
9) Software Development Companies
10) Security & Surviillance Companies
11) Consultancies
12) Financial Institutions
13) Traffic Light Management in Foreign.

1) Chief Executive Officer- CEO
2) Database Administrators
3) Computer System Analyst
4) Computer Scientist
5) Computer Support Service Specialist
6) Computer Presentation Specialist
7) Commercial and Industrial Designers
8) Computer Training Provider
9) Independent Consultants
10) Information System Manager
11) Project Manager
12) System Administrators
13) Software developers
14) Software Publishers
15) Govt. Sector (Banks- PO, Clerks; SSC- Data Entry Officer, LDC, UDC) and many more.

1) MSME, Kolkata
2) HCL, Ranchi
3) BSNL, Hazaribagh
4) LIC Office, Hazaribagh
5) Post Office Hazaribagh

NOTE: The College will conduct a scholarship test, based upon which first three rankers will have to bear only the university examination fee and rest will have to pay a nominal course fee along with examination fee.

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